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Spesoft Text To MP3 Speaker 2.20

Spesoft Text To MP3 Speaker can convert text into a MP3/OGG/WAV audio file
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Spesoft’s Text To MP3 Speaker is a simple, free, and straightforward TTS tool capable of creating audio recordings from any TXT file. Alternatively, you can copy and paste text from any document, web site, etc., and paste it directly into the provided text box. The resulting audio file can be not only MP3, but also WAV or Ogg. The program supports both constant and variable bit rates for its MP3 recordings, and provides automatic ID3 tagging.

Do not expect any fancy or complicated features in Text To MP3 Speaker – the only purpose of this free tool is to generate simple audio files of your texts, so that you can listen to them any time in any playback device. It can use any of the SAPI voices you may have installed in your system, allowing you to change your selection for each text according to your preferences.

You can also change very few but interesting settings, such as speed and the pitch of the synthetic voice, a very useful feature for those players who do not offer speed up/slow down playback functionality. As for the quality of the audio, bit and sampling rates are fully customizable.

You can add Title, Author, and Year information to each text and those fields will automatically be transferred to the corresponding ID3 tags in MP3 and Ogg files. Once the audio file has been generated, it can be played back easily using this tool. However, Text To MP3 Speaker is not an audio player, so you will not be able to play back already existing audio files, or to play only selected parts of the text.

Though this tool has not been developed specifically for that audience, its value for blind and visually impaired persons is worth noting. The simplicity and clarity of its interface certainly make things much easier for this type of users.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simple and clear interface, easy-to-use for all types of users
  • Easy-to-use tool to assist blind and visually impaired persons


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